The Thing Under Your Bed

My name is Davian Flores. Current high school senior in a dumpy ass southern Californian town near Bakersfield... yes Bakersfield. Most non-literate city in the US, home of the Condors (as if anybody cares), KoRn, and Oildale... eww. I've always aspired to be a model, but I'd like to use my knowledge for so much more. I love literature. I tend to keep my reading spectrum from Greek philosophy, to American 16th century- early 20th. I don't intentionally do it. Books from this time frame just tickle my fancy I guess. Notable exceptions: Joy Luck Club, and The Book Thief, my favorite books. I've just been accepted to Columbia University, so I'm extremely stoked about that. Gotta get back into 4 minute mile shape to do my daily runs at Central Park baby!!! I love League of Legends. I'm currently Silver III and trying to get to Gold before the season 4 soft reset. Doublelift is my waifu. I'm also a huge fan of Phreak. Hmmm, anything else.... OOH!! I'm vegetarian. Meat's yucky. And also, I love Andrej Pejic and Alice Glass. My page will be laden with these two figures. >.> Cya nerds.

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